JUST PUBLISHED: Fungicide performance against Botrytis fruit rot 2021

The results of two fungicide trials conducted in 2021 were just published in Plant Disease Management Reports. In these trials, 20 unique products were evaluated for performance against Botrytis fruit rot (Fig. 1). After 5 applications (Fig. 2), fruit were evaluated in the field (at-harvest) and postharvest after storage at room temperature for 10 days. The figure below shows the results. The full reports can be seen here (Trial 1Trial 2).

Figure 1. Results from two fungicide evaluation trials against Botrytis fruit rot conducted in 2021. Applications for trial 1 (left) began on 25 March and April 20 for trial 2 (right).
Figure 2. Field Research Manager Kyle Blauer making a fungicide application to small plots. Fungicides are evaluated annually in field trials consisting of treatments applied weekly for five weeks. Each treatment is replicated four times in a randomized complete block design.