Want to learn about the quality of predatory mites you are receiving for your strawberry fields?

We can test the quality of strawberry growers’ predatory mites (BOTH bottles or bean leaves).

The freshest predatory mites guarantees the best results! We don’t want the mites to wait in the weather, so contact us the day before the mites arrive to schedule a drop-off or pickup!

Please fill out and submit the form (see link below) and label the container containing your samples so they are identifiable with NAME AND PHONE NUMBER.

Submit a sample to our entomology lab three ways:

  1. Drop off a sample directly to the Strawberry Center
    -One Grand Ave, Tech Park, suite 1B, San Luis Obispo, CA
  2. Drop off a sample directly to a California Strawberry Commissions office
    in Santa Maria: CA Strawberry Commission, Attn: James Reid, 3130 Skyway Drive, Suite #305/306, Santa Maria, CA 93455 (txt 805-340-8373)
    in Ventura: CA Strawberry Commission, Attn: Ian Morris, 5156 McGrath Street Suit 108, Ventura, CA 93003 (txt 805-340-8373)
    in Watsonville: CA Strawberry Commission, Attn: Sofia Hernandez, 180 Westridge Drive, Suite #101, Watsonville, CA 95076 (txt 831-421-1600)
  3. Coordinate a sample pickup directly from your farm.
    Contact: txt/call Dr. Sarah Zukoff at 805-540-4876

A copy of the results will be emailed to those listed on the form as well as to the predatory mite company providing the mites. Results will be available within 7 business days.

By submitting samples you are helping us improve the quality and use of predatory mites in strawberries in California.